It was a dark and stormy night…..

What a welcome back we received from Michigan this evening!

We spent most of the day in Mishawaka where it was unbelievably gorgeous: 72 degrees, nice breeze, sunny. We hesitated to move north because the forecast was for rain in the afternoon into the evening.

I wanted to see the St Joe pier and lighthouse, and knew it could be quite the sight around sundown when clouds were involved. Shucks, maybe we’d get lucky and there’d be lightning!

Threatening skies all the way up. We drove down to Silver Beach, stepped out, rain drops tapped us on the shoulders.

HA, it takes more than that to put us off. We stayed out….the rain stopped.

The skies were amazing! And changing every minute!

The boys are always intrigued by the sound of waves and by walking on sand. We all had a great time. Ryan is a good companion for me when I need to shoot photos, because he will stand patiently beside me while I shoot, or will explore playground equipment by himself. Ross has to walk, has to walk, has to walk.

We wore ’em out!

Robyn suggested parking at Cracker Barrel for the night, and at first I was put off by moving that direction down the coast. Ahhhh, the light dawned: breakfast tomorrow!

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