A study in contrasts

Sheesh, a Corvette rally held in Amish country!

I can’t always spend the time I want (and need) to get the best photo for you, but this photo helps set the scene: over 200 Corvettes gathered on a grassy field beside Amish Acres in Nappanee, IN. Deep in the heart of Amish country, with buggies parked across the street and clip-clopping past every few minutes.

The shot I missed was classic: traffic was halted on the road to allow a stream of Vettes to leave the rally at day’s end, and the lead vehicle to wait was an Amish buggy!

We arrived early and parked the Taxi on gravel beside the grassy field. Stretched out one side for the day. I showered, we walked Ross and Ryan past rows and rows of Corvettes, we ate lunch, walked some more, bought some wonderful apple/raisin pumpkin cookies (had to wait for them to come out of the oven…well, okay….I guess we’ll wait!), took naps, walked some more.

Nice day.

Ended up a block away at the campground for Newmar, who builds coaches very much like ours. The man who just modified our shower base into a tub also builds the same shower bases for Newmar’s new coaches. We want them to see what he’s done, and suggest they offer an optional shower with tub.

That means we’re all hooked up and plugged in, and so Ross and Ryan get to try out their new tub tonight with all the bubbly hot water they want!


Oooooooo, they love it!

Such sweet, happy, cooperative, clean young men!

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