A nostalgic week

It’s sure been “old home” week.

Started last weekend with Robyn’s high school reunion. We really enjoyed reconnecting with a number of her classmates.

This week we’ve been having coach work done at three different Indiana shops, each of which produced some of the features for our coach when it was built. They’re all within 25 miles of each other.

Tonight, we’re parked just yards from the former factory where the coach was actually built. They’ve closed, but many of their former employees remain employed in this area doing similar work, and several of them worked on our coach this week.

It’s reassuring to find so many shops to do our work whose employees really know our coach in all its details. More reassuring to find our systems continue to work extremely well, and their complexity was understood from the beginning in order to fit together properly. Details, details.

As we trumpeted two days ago, we’ve modified the shower stall base to raise its lip to form a tub for Ross and Ryan. Been sweating bullets yesterday and today helping the shop make the modification.

It’s in and we’ve showered in it! The glues and sealers need a little more time to fully set before we subject them to the stresses of the boys banging in a pool of water. Tomorrow!

Not ready for photos because we need some trim installed, and the shower rod & curtain….

Down to 35 tonight…testing our new basement heater for the water tanks.

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