Forgot to say goodbye

Ha, on the way out of Berrien Springs this past Sunday we stopped for yummy Roma’s pizza, and ate it while overlooking Lake Chapin.

Took this photo. Forgot to post it.

Getting coach work in Bremen. Made an improvement in the heating system for our basement that will pretty well ensure our water tanks never freeze! Also added a major electrical appliance that protects us from not only spikes but also drops in voltage that can damage our systems….a fairly frequent risk at the various old and new campgrounds we encounter, usually due to heavy demand in summer.

Tomorrow….we begin the modifications to the shower stall that will accomodate the structure being built for us that will allow the boys to sit….and soak….in a tub while retaining the shower feature.

We expect this to be a Big Deal. Partly, it risks diminishing the effect of the present structure, but it will certainly increase the boys’ enjoyment of their home.

Tear out some stuff tomorrow, then expect to add new stuff on Friday at another shop. Holding our breaths!

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