Reunion weekend, cont

The Andrews Academy Alumni Weekend always includes a Saturday night flag football game between the school varsity teams (male and female) against get-up teams from the alumni. I missed the report about the running record for these challenges, perhaps mercifully.

We went to the field a bit early to scout a spot for the Taxi, and found ourselves invited to park on the field in order to make it possible for Ross and Ryan to enjoy the game on a cold night from inside the coach! Check out the picture….you couldn’t sit as close in the bleachers!

We opened the windows for sound, cranked up the heater for warmth, and blew the air horns each time an alumni team scored!

Worked for the female team….they won! Apparently not loud enough for the male team.

What a great time!

Once again these sweet little burdens….who triggered this whole Big Taxi odyssey….were the reason we were handed the keys to the city!

Then Sunday morning we met Robyn’s classmates for brunch. A slightly different group of people attended, so we share the picture here.

It was great to connect! There were many others we hugged, talked to, and ate with. Living in the parking lot made for great convenience and some added conversation! We appreciate the school’s great kindness to allow us parking space and use of their water and RV dump station.

2 thoughts on “Reunion weekend, cont

  1. I’m glad you had so much fun. So did Robert, in the 35-year class. They got here earlier than planned Friday evening, because their daughter was sick & left work early. They took her to a clinic there in Bloomington first, and by Sabbath morning here she got the word that she has mono plus hepatitis, so no wonder she’s dragged for 2 months now, especially after doing the triathlon 2 weeks ago! She spent most of the weekend on our couch.

    Thanks again for the pointers on Elements. When I got to the seminary, it was timed just right, between speeches. But about 8:15, before they had yet given the plaque to Dr. and Mrs. Staples, I suddenly remembered that I’d left the oven on! When I went home after my first trip to the academy, I turned it back on because the granola wasn’t quite done when I’d left. I figured if I went again, I’d turn it off again. But then when I got your e-mail and realized it was already 6:00, I left hastily and never thought again till then. So I handed my camera to Bruce Bauer and left early, just not feeling comfortable about it, even though it was at 250. But it was fine, just nicely browned and crunchy.

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