Back to work

Well, you know how we do it….others work and we play!

Drove down to Elkhart last night so we’d be in place this morning for a shop to replace a valve on one of our leveling jacks. Done in a hour or so, but we need to hang around so as to test the fix overnight.

Had to finish getting the transmission filled with fluid since the shop here in Elkhart that changed the fluid last week failed to realize which transmission we have, and shorted us by 20 quarts!

Once all that was out of the way, there was a good half day for us to spend getting exercise and catching rays! We found a really lovely park just a couple miles from the day’s work, and set up camp there. Cool bowl used for tobagganing; the boys had fun walking down and up its hills. Lots of crunchy leaves. Fabulous swings and playground.

Ross gets such fun out of swinging high…he never lets go of his handfuls of blocks, so reaches around the chains on the swings and grips with his wrists or forearms!

Ryan cannot simply climb up and walk around….he must go backwards down steps, or stand on the top step while s-l-i-d-i-n-g his hands down the railing until he is nearly standing on his nose! As thrilling as he is to watch, there is never any reason to get panicked, because he is always aware of gravity and his ability to to maintain control. He’s not really a daredevil….well, maybe a little.

Tomorrow….we leave for Wakarusa….for the first look at what should become a bathtub for Ross and Ryan. We might get lucky and it will be installed and functional tomorrow! It’s a big deal.

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