Parked in a park

Took Grandma Fell for a ride around her community today. Ended up less than 3 miles away in a great little park.

Walked through the crunchy leaves, gazed in wide wonder at the colorful trees, pulled out the rocking chairs and had a fabulous picnic lunch whipped up in the coach microwave, and finished the meal with Haagen Dazs ice cream. Picnics are great when you have everything with you including the kitchen sink, microwave AND convection oven, freezer, and real dishes.

A building in the park houses the stuffed body of “the world’s largest preserved steer”, Old Ben. Real stinkin big: upwards of 5,000 lbs during life. Housed behind a glass window that really interferes with photos.

Across the way was this great covered bridge, now accessible only by foot traffic.

It was hard to tell which was better, the nice weather or the solitude of the park. Kind of quiet in the middle of the day and middle of the week. Most little angels are away at school, and mommie and daddy are at work.

Great day, parked in a park.

1 thought on “Parked in a park

  1. Is that park in Kokomo? We’ve been there — seen Ben and the covered bridge. You couldn’t walk through it back then, tho. That’s when Gary and I were dating. 🙂

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