Worth the wait

Ahhhh, peach mango frozen yogurt topped with fresh red raspberries! Ross and Ryan love it; it’s Daddy’s favorite.

We figured to head out of town today, wending our way up to Kokomo for a few days. Wait, must return DVDs to library. Oh, that’s across the street from the license bureau where we can renew the handicap placard that’s expired. Hey, we might be able to get Robyn’s lens replaced that Ryan scratched. Whoa, here’s Walmart, let’s stop and eat lunch because I need a water filter they sell. Do you suppose the meds are ready at Kroger? You know, Kohls has some jeans I need to look at.

It was 6:45pm.

Nevermind. We’re staying at The Greene for the night. Robyn is going to a 10:30pm movie with Ann. I’ve got a haircut appointment in the morning.
Which means it’s a short walk with the boys to the Yoba cafe for some of that really delish frozen yogurt. Sunset along the way.

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