Quiet birthday

Ross and Ryan slept in this morning (!) and then it was an overcast, slightly drizzly day. Ahhhhh.

Jared came for a late lunch, everybody had bananas foster ice cream, we sang Happy Birthday twice, and the twins enjoyed wearing some of their new pants.

As the day continued, the whole world drove past our windows….gearfest (they do it all lowercase) started at 6pm, and we’re parked along the only road in.

Wow, these bike and foot races happen rain or shine! Tomorrow is the killer bike race that winds its way around our coach, and covers nearly 2 miles of length in about a tenth of a mile by winding back and forth. They have to climb across some logs at one point, and there are all sorts of muddy whoop-de-dos and round-the-tree sections. Come rain or shine.

Should have better luck getting photos tomorrow. I leave you with this interesting glimmer as daylight ended today.

2 thoughts on “Quiet birthday

  1. Hello Herdmans! Happy Birthday Ross and Ryan. So the Wirts didn’t get over to see you this evening, but we are hoping to make it out tomorrow!

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