Happy Birthday, Guys!

It was 23 years ago, in the early hours of September 30, that first Ross, then Ryan, were born.

Hoo baby, were they tiny! Born 16 weeks premature, they each weighed just over 1 pound. They spent over 4 months in the intensive care nursery at Miami Valley Hospital, where they received the most fabulous care from the most awesome staff!

They were welcomed home by big brother Jared, who offered helpful hands for his two “brudders.”

Growing up was eventful, but this is a blog, not a book, so suffice it to say they made it this far, we made it this far, and many, many of us and you have been blessed by that journey.

It often has been an interesting combination of work and leisure, of limitation and opportunity, of pain and pleasure. Our journey in the Big Taxi was born of necessity in order to maintain sanity in dealing with Ross and Ryan, but it was probably only possible because of them. Each day now seems like a vacation, except the necessity to plot every drive in order to route ourselves efficiently….and not get dead-ended….gets to feeling a lot like work.

We’ve missed any number of places and events because the Taxi wouldn’t fit. But that limitation is much less than if we were hauling a car we could jump into for little excursions, because the car would limit our driving even more and using it would involve a grand “moving” experience each time with bags of clothing and supplies for the boys. That’s the limitation.

But look at the opportunity! Just look back at the places we have visited. The experiences have been priceless. And we’ve only been doing this for six months! Oh baby, watch out, six months from now will mark an era we can’t even imagine!

Happy Birthday, Ross and Ryan!

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