We have been granted special permission to park the Taxi at Eastwood Lake Metropark during “gearfest” this week. It’s quite an honor.

We always enjoy the energy of gearfest, and our love of nature and the outdoors fits nicely with everything that happens during the event. Of course, they go WAY beyond what we can ever hope to do, but that’s part of the point….to expand your horizons.

We’ll be parked along the drive that starts at the traffic light for the park on Harshman Road. Come on in and find us along the left side. Lovely spot, actually….almost encroaching on the path for the bike race to be held Saturday!

We have permission to park Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

This will be a special event for us, because Ross and Ryan will celebrate their 23rd birthday tomorrow.

Come on down!

4 thoughts on “Gearfest!

    • Oh sure, it’s low key on sales and filled with knowledgeable users, planners, and sellers. Cool to be able to use kayaks, canoes, and climbing wall for free. No longer on lake side of park, and river side is safer for boats. Come on down! Txt me when on the way.

  1. Happy birthday to the guys!! Thanks for putting in their “feelings” and “reactions” .. it gives your blog a more personal feel rather than just “we did this” and “we did that”. 😀

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