Party, party, party….then, Play Ball!

Tough day yesterday: pumpkin pie at lunch with Ross and Ryan’s former classmates at school, softball with Jared in the evening, then a midnight movie with Jared.

Each year the twins were in school we would buy pumpkin pies on their birthday for their classmates and teachers to eat with them in celebration. Their birthday is Sept 30, but we did it yesterday because we’re in town.

Oh my, you should have seen Ross and Ryan’s faces! (Sorry, no pictures because they were always surrounded by special needs classmates for whom we have no releases to use their faces here.) They were in seventh heaven. Ross always enjoys hearing the Happy Birthday song, and had a B-I-G grin! Even their former peer tutors made it: Michelle, Rachel, and Isabel.

Thanks to everyone for a really grand time!

Then Big Jare’s softball team was knocking them over the fence at Delco Park. That’s his Thursday night sports event; Sunday, he has flag football in Cincinnati, then soccer in Beavercreek. He usually manages a good night’s sleep Sunday.

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