A little R&R

Both boys seem to be under the weather. Both had runny noses after last weekend, but seemed to pretty well get over it by the time of yesterday’s school party. They’re still a little low. Ryan actually had a mild seizure this afternoon as we drove from The Greene to Moraine Airpark.

So it was a relief that the rain stopped and we were able to just hang out at the Airpark. This place is great for us: just look at the all the room to walk! The boys like to stomp a bit when they get some fun feedback, and the metal-sided hangars give an interesting *ping* to the echo when they stomp.

With the clearing weather, on a Friday afternoon, the planes have been absolutely buzzing in and out like there’s no tomorrow. We’re just a 100 yards from the runway, and the sound of engines straining at takeoff is really wonderful. The twins love it.

And then sundown.

It’s quiet now. Happy Sabbath!

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