Sorry, we’ve taken the week off…..

Mostly we’re at the Moraine Airpark, although each day we’ve moved at least a few miles to buy groceries or little bits and pieces of equipment to make this journey more convenient.

Air hose & attachments so we can inflate our own tires and the small pool Robyn has bought to put inside our shower so the twins can regain some of the pleasure they used to experience from taking a bath. She wants to convert our killer granite shower into a bath tub…..

Terry cloth bath robe to keep Ross & Ryan warm while drying them after baths.

Parts and pieces to convert our basement spigot into a garden hose connection, so we can hook up a hose to our own water tank and wash the Taxi wherever we are.

Dinner and a movie with Jared. Lunch with Jared. Pizza and a movie in the coach with Jared.

Nice to be near Jared!

Lunch tomorrow with Ross & Ryan’s old schoolmates, to celebrate the twins’ birthday with pumpkin pie like we always did when they were in school.

Trying to figure out how to get into the Aullwood Apple Fest this weekend….the driveway and parking lot are too tight for the Taxi. Gotta call someone tomorrow. They haul in an old steam tractor every year and use its boiler to cook huge cauldrons of applebutter!

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