We left historic airplanes in order to attend the Dayton Concours d’Elegance at Carillon Park….and ride the trains!

Wham, the first thing we see was an early behemoth version of the Big Taxi! Who knew that GM built a very small fleet of these big rigs in 1939 to tour the country and tout society’s technological triumphs, like microwave ovens. This Futurliner apparently was not an indication of interest to build motorhomes.

Some killer versions of current cars were offered, including this smoking Turbo Porsche. Can you imagine driving it on the street? I can’t imagine driving it at legal speeds!

Actually, this writer’s heart beats strongest for the muscle cars of 1970. It was a truly superb year, and the last of high compression engines from GM (until the recent resurgence). This 1970 Chevelle SS 454 convertible is one of the most extreme models made that year.

The Carillon trains have been right at the top of Ross and Ryan’s list of fun things to do all their lives. The volunteer staff who make the trains, lay the track, and run the whole thing with such utter love and dedication have always enjoyed the twins’ visits, and have been so solicitous of their needs.

On the way back to the Taxi at the end of the day, we discovered that not all the glorious cars were to be found inside the fence. This “Fly Yellow” Ferrari Enzo was casually mis-parked near our bus. You need to understand….this car is one of the most extreme performance cars built for the road. AND it usually sells for more than $1 million!

It’s probably a good thing I couldn’t find the owner and offer to trade titles.

5 thoughts on “CARS!

  1. We went to the gear fest and honked as we drove past your rig… so if you heard a honk about 6:15ish, it was a hello from Chris Mulcahy, and son Noah!

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