Can you speak a little louder, please?

Whew, lost our hearing.

The Waco fly-in was a rip-roaring success, with the emphasis on roaring! I never could count the number of planes here, because they kept moving and coming and going. Gorgeous day, and loads of people here to enjoy these great old planes.

Everyone was so friendly and they were so kind to Ross and Ryan. The Waco Air Museum is here, and the executive director gave the four of us a ride around the whole airfield in a nice wagon pulled by his restored Willys Jeep.

And a replica of the Wright brothers’ B Flyer flew over at noon, with one pilot waving to the crowd!

Mostly it was a day to listen to, talk about, and admire these great old planes. While the event certainly provides a chance to show off your plane, there was no “show off” flying….these people are quite serious about safety. Despite the bedlam, all comings and goings occurred by direction of those who kept their eyes focused on the important stuff.

We had a blast!


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