Wow, we gave up being Yoopers as soon as we tasted the baklava!

Oh my goodness…oh the goodness…of moussaka, pastitsio, dolmades, spanakopita, loukoumades, and gyros!

We helped the twins get the kinks out as we walked over from our parking spot, by taking a tour around the Dayton Art Institute grounds. They really live their art, and have a number of large installations around the building.

Ryan wore out his fingers exploring every nook and cranny. Notice the blocks in the hands. Always.

But it was the food….the food really brings out the best in all of us.

Ryan is usually a pretty attentive eater. Ross…shucks, he can take it or leave it. But occasionally something really clicks with Ross, and he becomes an eating machine. And on really rare occasions, he actually smiles!


4 thoughts on “OPA!

  1. You got a huge “awwww!” from Michelle and Isabel when they saw the photos of the boys, especially Ross’ smile! 🙂 Welcome “home”!

    • We worked a bit to “smooth out” the arrangements for Greek Festival, because we enjoy it so much. It turned out to be a VERY smooth and rewarding event for Ross and Ryan, which made it just that much more enjoyable for us!

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