Oh, you lucky dog!

Today we concentrated on getting in some miles. Well, our version of getting in some miles.

First, we had to spend some time in the swings at our campground, partly because they were in the sand. Notice two things about the photo to the right: one, Ryan must place his blocks on the sand at his feet before grabbing the chains, and two, Ross wants to swing o-v-e-r the moon!

Then it took forever to fill our water tank as we left the campground, and we had to stop in the nearby town to get more of the school teacher’s cinnamon rolls (and we discovered she also makes pecan sticky buns….).

So we didn’t actually get rolling until 12:45.

Then, we had an interruption midway through today’s run. We stopped in Grand Haven to see Marcia H, a dear friend of Doug’s from elementary and high school. She still smiles a lot and enjoys life; it was great to see her. She was at work, so the visit was short.

But we love Grand Haven, so we hung around. We were here May 12 and had some fun photos for the blog that day (the boys eating ice cream and then sitting in their push chairs at the beginning of the pier with lighthouse). This time, we found Marcia’s work was just a block from the channel and the store where we had bought ice cream last time. Too cold for ice cream today, but we walked and sat, and walked and sat. These photos are from that.

Lost two hours in Grand Haven today. Time well spent.

So who’s the lucky dog?

I am. I spend each day doing what is most important for that time and place for the three people I spend all my time with. The three Rs bring me each day’s joy, in one form or another!

My fourth important person called me twice today, and we talked fun and we talked serious.

And I always have the fun distraction of trying to document with photos what we’re doing so I can share it all with you. Your comments are great, and I get real satisfaction when I find you’ve read something we did and changed your plans because of it, or that you’re staying in touch with us this way and are vicariously enjoying the things we’ve enjoyed.

More fun awaits. We’re dashing back to Dayton in order to spend the whole weekend at the Greek Festival. I’ve been faithfully eating my way through that event for about the past 20 years, and wasn’t about to interrupt the string just because we don’t live in town anymore!

The details aren’t final, but we expect to park the Taxi on grounds at the Greek Festival Friday morning and not move until Sunday afternoon. Lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Opa! Come on down and help us eat!

Life isn’t only fun (those grey and black tanks don’t empty themselves), but the work is sure lighter when you’re doing it for the right reason, and you’re getting help with the duties of life all day long from the one you love!

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