Back in the flatlands

Shortly after leaving Sleeping Bear Dunes this morning, we ran across the scenic overlook pictured here. Most striking to me was how much the land elevation was changing alongside the lake.

Although the coastline was fairly even, we were constantly going up and going down with some occasional twistys. It was more than encountering sand dunes and rivers. The UP coastline and the lower penninsula along the upper west side are quite rugged and changing in elevation.

Shortly after the overlook, we passed Bear Lake where Mel & Nancy E have their cottage. We found ourselves surrounded by apple orchards just brimming with ripe fruit!

By the time we ate a late lunch squeezed between Bar Lake and Lake Michigan, we were definitely back to the flatlands. The picture through our windshield is from lunch. We came upon a short pull-out in a little town alongside the big lake, where the little lake was almost up against the pavement on the other side of the road!

It was soooo neat to just pull off and eat lunch like that! We ate pasties we’d bought in the UP, with our front door open to admit the sound of crashing waves and a little of the 63 degree wind, with the sun working hard to keep us warm.

The little town of Pentwater hosted our campground for the night. But first Robyn stopped at a shop she noticed on Google Maps when researching the town: The Bitchen Kitchen. The place sells really serious kitchen stuff….they just don’t take themselves too seriously!

Then we shopped for some groceries, and found some cinnamon rolls sold by the grocer that are made by his former grade school teacher in her home, and her husband, the school principal, brings them in each morning! They were especially yummy tonight.

We’re pretty well finished with the scenic route home, and will be moving on down the road tomorrow. Each place we have touched on this Michigan loop has reminded us how much we love the state, and triggered a vow to return and spend more time!

6 thoughts on “Back in the flatlands

    • I always sharpen digital photos with ‘shop, and will tweak the look if I’ve missed the exposure. This one looked to be a boring sunset, so I ignored it. Then moments before the sun disappeared it flashed the clouds above like this, and I turned and started shooting just seconds before it was gone! I work hard to maintain an accurate look, Michigan does the rest!

  1. The beaches through there are fantastic. WOW!!! What lovely places and its great you are finding neat, out of way places to visit. That makes for such great memories. Michigan is really amazing.

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