A day of surprises

Sometimes it seems that every day is a surprise, but today kind of took the cake.

First, we learned from a park ranger that the gate to the northern park entrance was backed up a couple miles from the volume of people anxious to see the dunes, and further, that the scenic drive inside the northern park was so congested it was very nearly a solid, parked, line of traffic. There went that plan for today.

No problem, we’ll go the beach right near our camp, a short drive of only a couple miles. It’s where the Platte River flows into Lake Michigan, and makes for an interesting beach.

Surprise, it was a VERY nice place, but it was also pretty busy.

Then we got a phone call from Jim & Carolyn G, who were nearby on vacation from Dayton, had read our report of the Tunnel of Trees and had driven it yesterday. They were still nearby, and wondered about meeting us. We said come on down to the river! They did and we had a great time. What a nice surprise!

But woe, huge bank of dark clouds came billowing in suddenly. The whole place started jumping into cars and leaving in a mass exodus. The Taxi doesn’t do well in such a milieu, so we ate lunch.

Surprise, no real rain, and the clouds were abating. Yeah, well the wind wasn’t…it came up faster and the temp dropped even further.

Surprise, those were the conditions several kite surfers were waiting for, and they went crazy!

We stayed for hours after the crowd left, because the wind kept increasing, the waves got more rowdy, the kite surfers were amazing, and the clouds and lighting were marvelous.

Surprise, what a great day!

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