You won’t believe it….

Remember that we planned this trip for the purpose to see Sleeping Bear Dunes, and it kind of grew (and nearly got out of hand) from there? And how I said the other day we were running so short of time that we probably would have to cut out and sprint back to Dayton, and we’d probably miss seeing Sleeping Bear Dunes?

HA, oh ye of little faith!

We’re set up in Platte River Campground at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore! For two nights!

This morning we decided to do a modest sprint to Dayton, by way of Kokomo, which would allow us to run down the west coast of Michigan, stopping probably four nights along the shore.

Drizzly day from the moment we awakened, so no stopping for pictures. Huge loss, because the scenery was wonderful. We really will have to come back soon and spend some major time around here!

Found ourselves at Sleeping Bear park, checked at the campground, they had a spot that fit us (whew, barely, I had to trim a couple branches), and even for two nights. We did it.

Will explore tomorrow; supposed to have a high of 67 degrees! Talked with Jared today, so we know about Dayton’s heat….

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