Beyond bliss….

As we left the campground this morning, we passed a sign pointing to a nearby town named Bliss. Around the next corner someone had planted a homemade sign saying “Beyond Bliss”. Little did we know.

We took the shoreline road called, ahem, Lake Shore Drive. Bumpyyyyyy, which is hard on the Taxi because it shakes the household structure so much. Maybe it was worth it. Check out the windsurfing we caught! Along a stretch of road pictured next….so typical of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Lunch was destined to occur at Legs Inn (thank you, Bruce!). From the hype, and its website, we were expecting much. Hoo boy, check out the two photos: one of its outside dining area, the other of its lobby waiting area. This place has soul, cachet, atmosphere, and character by the bucketful, all at once.

And the food! We spent $68 on two entrees and two desserts, to go. !!! Hoo boy again! BUT, the servings were huge, so we had enough for another meal. AND, the stuff is fabulous!

The topper was still to come.

Our one little photo doesn’t do justice to the Tunnel of Trees. For 20 miles, M-119 wends its way along the shoreline with a nearly uninterrupted phalanx of trees lining both sides of the road, often covering it over, usually so narrow there is no berm whatsoever and the tree limbs push the limits inward even more.

It probably has not seen a rig our size in a long time. We really were rough on the Taxi, but it was such a compelling drive! The houses along the way vary from mossy sheds long past their prime, all the way to some fabulous spreads whose cost probably cannot be counted. Usually, the view of the lake was from a very high vantage.

When we finally hit civilization again, it was by coming down into the lovely town of Harbor Springs. We spent too little time there (one photo), because we needed to get on with the business of lining up a parking spot for the night.

Tougher than you might think, since this is the start of Labor Day weekend, and clearly the last hurrah for many who love camping. Finally found a spot on the front row facing Little Traverse Bay in Magnus Park, a campground operated by the City of Petoskey. The rainy evening produced a number of beautiful scenes, and we managed to capture two of them.

A lovely way to start Sabbath.

4 thoughts on “Beyond bliss….

  1. The last photo of the pink in between the blues is Fabulous! Thank You for sharing Doug and Robin and Ross and Ryan! Happy Sabbath!!!!

  2. Todd Calaway has told me for the past three years and I need to make where you are now part of my trip to the UP. Looking at your photos I really understand why!!! His in-laws are looking to buy a place probably around where you are staying near Lime Lake which I think is the Traverse City area. HOpefully when you return to Ohio, the weather will decide to be pleasant and not so hot. Take care on your way back.

  3. Glad you liked Legs Inn! The Tunnel of Trees is great. Harbor Springs is an amazing little town. We’ve stopped twice in the last two years. It has some fabulous houses on the water. I never heard of it when I lived in MI, but there must be a lot of money in that town. It has a jet port just outside it. I don’t think you can fit your rig on some of these streets, but the waterfront area has rows of great homes set around a park. Very unique.

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