Satisfying our curiosity

Mackinaw City clearly is used to tourists and prepared for them. Signs in all the right places, plenty of parking everywhere you turn, lots of sidewalks along the shore and benches every ten feet! We spent the entire day within a 5 block zone.

The twins were out-of-sorts yesterday and today, which really limits how far we walk….with or without them. No problem when parking is so easy….we move the Taxi half a block; just glad high season for tourists is past!

Several of you have mentioned our patience. Actually, we realized long ago there is no agenda or schedule we must keep. We move as our interest pulls us….and as the boys’ comfort and cooperation allows us.

We sometimes just rest in the coach right where it’s parked on the street. The windows are up so high, people walking past cannot see in (the windows are tinted pretty dark), so we can change diapers right there. We cook meals and eat whenever it’s convenient for us and necessary for the boys.

As we followed the coast west out of town, we stopped for McGulpin’s Point Lighthouse. It was a mile or two off the beaten path, rather nondescript in its history, and we’re past high tourist season. Yet its dirt parking lot was completely filled!

Our campground, Wilderness State Park, is pictured next-to-last here. Almost discernable at the left edge of the photo is The Bridge. It’s the last view we’ll have this trip.

Tomorrow we continue down the west coast, probably hitting Cross Village and Legs Inn for some good Polish food, then down the Tunnel of Trees along the coast on M-119 to Harbor Springs. Too bad we’re too early for Fall colors!

6 thoughts on “Satisfying our curiosity

  1. Your pictures would win awards in every magazine. I look forward to your blog
    everyday. The last picture from Sept. l is the best. I want to frame it and hang
    it on my wall. Blessings on your trip today. Love, Nancy

    • Oh my goodness, you sweet lady! It sure helps to be traveling through some of the most photogenic landscapes on earth, with glorious weather & skies to match!

      Your choice of that particular photo illustrates again the value of paying attention to the little things close by. It was there in the previous picture of the harbor where our campground is located, and I almost missed it. Standing for another moment, with Ryan on my arm, I saw the colorful flowers right along the shoreline. I tried to catch some surf action, but Ryan was anxious to move, so we got what we got.

      So glad you took the time to see it, and enjoyed it!

  2. Hope today is a better one for Ross and Ryan!
    They look like they are doing well in the pictures.
    How long are they able to walk?

    • Thanks for your love and concern, Carol.

      I’ve chosen to answer your question in an extra post today, because others have commented or inquired about Ross and Ryan’s walking limitations.

  3. I love Mackinaw City. We spend about a day there every visit. We’ve toured the Icebreaker and the fort and went to the shops. We’ve spent time at state park where you are which is lovely. This summer and last we went to the zip line at the discovery center. Its a very charming area. Hope you found lots of good fudge. Photos as always are great and make me smile because I know right where you are and pretty much even where you are parked!!! Enjoy your trip back to Ohio. HOpe its cooler by the time you get here. Its pretty miserable right now.

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