Quiet birthday

Ross and Ryan slept in this morning (!) and then it was an overcast, slightly drizzly day. Ahhhhh.

Jared came for a late lunch, everybody had bananas foster ice cream, we sang Happy Birthday twice, and the twins enjoyed wearing some of their new pants.

As the day continued, the whole world drove past our windows….gearfest (they do it all lowercase) started at 6pm, and we’re parked along the only road in.

Wow, these bike and foot races happen rain or shine! Tomorrow is the killer bike race that winds its way around our coach, and covers nearly 2 miles of length in about a tenth of a mile by winding back and forth. They have to climb across some logs at one point, and there are all sorts of muddy whoop-de-dos and round-the-tree sections. Come rain or shine.

Should have better luck getting photos tomorrow. I leave you with this interesting glimmer as daylight ended today.

Happy Birthday, Guys!

It was 23 years ago, in the early hours of September 30, that first Ross, then Ryan, were born.

Hoo baby, were they tiny! Born 16 weeks premature, they each weighed just over 1 pound. They spent over 4 months in the intensive care nursery at Miami Valley Hospital, where they received the most fabulous care from the most awesome staff!

They were welcomed home by big brother Jared, who offered helpful hands for his two “brudders.”

Growing up was eventful, but this is a blog, not a book, so suffice it to say they made it this far, we made it this far, and many, many of us and you have been blessed by that journey.

It often has been an interesting combination of work and leisure, of limitation and opportunity, of pain and pleasure. Our journey in the Big Taxi was born of necessity in order to maintain sanity in dealing with Ross and Ryan, but it was probably only possible because of them. Each day now seems like a vacation, except the necessity to plot every drive in order to route ourselves efficiently….and not get dead-ended….gets to feeling a lot like work.

We’ve missed any number of places and events because the Taxi wouldn’t fit. But that limitation is much less than if we were hauling a car we could jump into for little excursions, because the car would limit our driving even more and using it would involve a grand “moving” experience each time with bags of clothing and supplies for the boys. That’s the limitation.

But look at the opportunity! Just look back at the places we have visited. The experiences have been priceless. And we’ve only been doing this for six months! Oh baby, watch out, six months from now will mark an era we can’t even imagine!

Happy Birthday, Ross and Ryan!


We have been granted special permission to park the Taxi at Eastwood Lake Metropark during “gearfest” this week. It’s quite an honor.

We always enjoy the energy of gearfest, and our love of nature and the outdoors fits nicely with everything that happens during the event. Of course, they go WAY beyond what we can ever hope to do, but that’s part of the point….to expand your horizons.

We’ll be parked along the drive that starts at the traffic light for the park on Harshman Road. Come on in and find us along the left side. Lovely spot, actually….almost encroaching on the path for the bike race to be held Saturday!

We have permission to park Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

This will be a special event for us, because Ross and Ryan will celebrate their 23rd birthday tomorrow.

Come on down!

Pink Person!

Ross is a Pink Person! Who knew?

We knew he could get energized and dancey when Eric Clapton’s exceptional album was played, “Me and Mr Johnson.”

But man oh man, he got all mellow and gently rocked in his seat while listening intently to a David Gilmour guitar solo last night when we played a movie of a Pink Floyd concert. He grooved for some time to great Floyd music!

We don’t actually have any Pink Floyd albums; they were always a bit over my head. That Ross, he sure has good taste! Not sure if he’s attracted to the strong guitar work or the rhythm.

If it’s rhythm, maybe we need to introduce him to Sly and the Family Stone.

Fall has fell

We spent the day parked behind Spring Valley Academy so we could soak in as much of their Fall Festival as possible.

You know, all those fine vegetable health foods: pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin roll (fine pumpkin bread rolled with a thick layer of yummy cream cheese). Don’t forget chili spaghetti and bbq ribs.

Ross managed to curb his enthusiasm about sitting in the firetruck, but was almost beside himself with joy at being able to stand beside the Yamaha engine that ran the generator for some inflatable jumping games! He danced to that engine’s sound for 20 minutes!

Visting with numerous dear friends made it all the more special. We nearly had a block party for Hideaway Lane!

A little R&R

Both boys seem to be under the weather. Both had runny noses after last weekend, but seemed to pretty well get over it by the time of yesterday’s school party. They’re still a little low. Ryan actually had a mild seizure this afternoon as we drove from The Greene to Moraine Airpark.

So it was a relief that the rain stopped and we were able to just hang out at the Airpark. This place is great for us: just look at the all the room to walk! The boys like to stomp a bit when they get some fun feedback, and the metal-sided hangars give an interesting *ping* to the echo when they stomp.

With the clearing weather, on a Friday afternoon, the planes have been absolutely buzzing in and out like there’s no tomorrow. We’re just a 100 yards from the runway, and the sound of engines straining at takeoff is really wonderful. The twins love it.

And then sundown.

It’s quiet now. Happy Sabbath!

Party, party, party….then, Play Ball!

Tough day yesterday: pumpkin pie at lunch with Ross and Ryan’s former classmates at school, softball with Jared in the evening, then a midnight movie with Jared.

Each year the twins were in school we would buy pumpkin pies on their birthday for their classmates and teachers to eat with them in celebration. Their birthday is Sept 30, but we did it yesterday because we’re in town.

Oh my, you should have seen Ross and Ryan’s faces! (Sorry, no pictures because they were always surrounded by special needs classmates for whom we have no releases to use their faces here.) They were in seventh heaven. Ross always enjoys hearing the Happy Birthday song, and had a B-I-G grin! Even their former peer tutors made it: Michelle, Rachel, and Isabel.

Thanks to everyone for a really grand time!

Then Big Jare’s softball team was knocking them over the fence at Delco Park. That’s his Thursday night sports event; Sunday, he has flag football in Cincinnati, then soccer in Beavercreek. He usually manages a good night’s sleep Sunday.


Sorry, we’ve taken the week off…..

Mostly we’re at the Moraine Airpark, although each day we’ve moved at least a few miles to buy groceries or little bits and pieces of equipment to make this journey more convenient.

Air hose & attachments so we can inflate our own tires and the small pool Robyn has bought to put inside our shower so the twins can regain some of the pleasure they used to experience from taking a bath. She wants to convert our killer granite shower into a bath tub…..

Terry cloth bath robe to keep Ross & Ryan warm while drying them after baths.

Parts and pieces to convert our basement spigot into a garden hose connection, so we can hook up a hose to our own water tank and wash the Taxi wherever we are.

Dinner and a movie with Jared. Lunch with Jared. Pizza and a movie in the coach with Jared.

Nice to be near Jared!

Lunch tomorrow with Ross & Ryan’s old schoolmates, to celebrate the twins’ birthday with pumpkin pie like we always did when they were in school.

Trying to figure out how to get into the Aullwood Apple Fest this weekend….the driveway and parking lot are too tight for the Taxi. Gotta call someone tomorrow. They haul in an old steam tractor every year and use its boiler to cook huge cauldrons of applebutter!


We left historic airplanes in order to attend the Dayton Concours d’Elegance at Carillon Park….and ride the trains!

Wham, the first thing we see was an early behemoth version of the Big Taxi! Who knew that GM built a very small fleet of these big rigs in 1939 to tour the country and tout society’s technological triumphs, like microwave ovens. This Futurliner apparently was not an indication of interest to build motorhomes.

Some killer versions of current cars were offered, including this smoking Turbo Porsche. Can you imagine driving it on the street? I can’t imagine driving it at legal speeds!

Actually, this writer’s heart beats strongest for the muscle cars of 1970. It was a truly superb year, and the last of high compression engines from GM (until the recent resurgence). This 1970 Chevelle SS 454 convertible is one of the most extreme models made that year.

The Carillon trains have been right at the top of Ross and Ryan’s list of fun things to do all their lives. The volunteer staff who make the trains, lay the track, and run the whole thing with such utter love and dedication have always enjoyed the twins’ visits, and have been so solicitous of their needs.

On the way back to the Taxi at the end of the day, we discovered that not all the glorious cars were to be found inside the fence. This “Fly Yellow” Ferrari Enzo was casually mis-parked near our bus. You need to understand….this car is one of the most extreme performance cars built for the road. AND it usually sells for more than $1 million!

It’s probably a good thing I couldn’t find the owner and offer to trade titles.

Can you speak a little louder, please?

Whew, lost our hearing.

The Waco fly-in was a rip-roaring success, with the emphasis on roaring! I never could count the number of planes here, because they kept moving and coming and going. Gorgeous day, and loads of people here to enjoy these great old planes.

Everyone was so friendly and they were so kind to Ross and Ryan. The Waco Air Museum is here, and the executive director gave the four of us a ride around the whole airfield in a nice wagon pulled by his restored Willys Jeep.

And a replica of the Wright brothers’ B Flyer flew over at noon, with one pilot waving to the crowd!

Mostly it was a day to listen to, talk about, and admire these great old planes. While the event certainly provides a chance to show off your plane, there was no “show off” flying….these people are quite serious about safety. Despite the bedlam, all comings and goings occurred by direction of those who kept their eyes focused on the important stuff.

We had a blast!