Yoopers for life!

What a place! The UP seemed sad to see us leave today, getting all misty-eyed as we pulled in the slides and turned around and left our Hog Island lakeside campsite. The sky shed tears all day as we drove slowly and stopped at every scenic overlook.

Even the usually frivolous seagull sat quietly as we walked past.

We’re not gone yet. Had to stock up on pasties, fill up on fuel, and restock the frig. We’re camped again in the shadow of The Bridge, still on the Yooper side.

This whole trip was originally intended to see and explore Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, but we were so taken with the Upper Penninsula, and burned up so much time there, we may not even get to Sleeping Bear Dunes!

We’ll try to satisfy our curiosity from the northern tip of the lower penninsula downward, until we have to make a run for Dayton. Our deadline is next week, in order to be in town and settled in a spot next to the Greek Festival, ready to start eating when it opens for lunch on Friday! We intend to stay there until it ends on Sunday, then be around town for a couple days, probably at the Moraine Airpark.

But our hearts will still be in the UP….

6 thoughts on “Yoopers for life!

  1. But it’s a shame to miss Sleeping Bear, too. I just read online recently that in some survey it was voted the most beautiful place in America. I don’t think I’d say that, but that does commend it for at least a quick stop if you can manage it.

    • Oh yes, that PBS story on Sleeping Bear has made it challenging for us to get a campsite there, even this late in the season!

      We’d only skip it in favor of coming back when we can devote sufficient time to truly appreciate its many faces!

  2. Have so enjoyed your beautiful photos. A good friend has a cabin in the UP, and we know all about Yoopers and pasties from him. Hope we can catch up with you on this next trip into town… we could even swing by the airport so Michelle could see the boys. (After all, her dad is a Moraine FF/Paramedic, so we know the big city well!). Safe travels!

    • How fun that you already have that connection to the UP!

      Yes, let’s plan to get together while we’re in Dayton. We’ll text you when our times and locations are more settled.

  3. OH I LOVE THES PHOTOS. I know exactly where you are!!!!! I recognize all of those PHOTOS!!!! LOVE IT. At least you can go back whenever you want. That is the beauty of it all. Thanks so much for sharing. Be glad to see you when you return.

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