We’re in hog heaven!

Listen. Can you hear the waves?

We’re parked about a coach-length from Lake Michigan! That’s really the view from our front seat! (including the spots and streaks from our front windshield)

We were headed to The Bridge today, expecting to return to the land of Trolls in the flatlands of lower Michigan, when, on a lark, we stopped at a rustic state forest campground just to see if we would fit.

We don’t really (I think we have some scratches on the upper walls from negotiating the narrow path between campsites), but man oh man, the campsite where we ended up points us straight at the water, facing a sweet little island just off shore!

But that wasn’t all….we shortly observed two Bald Eagles fishing near the island! Robyn set up her binoculars, and eventually snagged a view of a flock of Hooded Merganser ducks headed south for winter.

We’re camped here alone. The windows are wide open to the breeze and sound of waves, and we won’t have to draw the shades on any windows at all tonight. Ahhhhhh.

Did we mention? This place is called Hog Island Point State Forest Campground. Oink.

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