Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!

We realize Michigan’s UP is more than coastline, but its coasts sure are distracting! So today we decided to pay some attention to the interior (on our way to the other coast!).

HUGE disappointment….but not what you think.

We headed to Au Train Falls….only to find we couldn’t get there. The Big Taxi was the limitation. Gravel road for the last few miles to the site, and the short portion we could see was already getting narrow with trees encroaching overhead.

We can quickly get into trouble on roads like that, because branches not only scratch the paint, they also break expensive stuff on the roof! By the time we realize the impossibility, it’s too late to turn around….because everything’s so narrow. Try backing out half a mile.

Terribly disappointed….because we’d heard your recommendations, read about the falls, and seen a number of pictures. These falls were quite different from those we’ve already encountered.

Made our way to Seney National Wildlife Refuge, a massive inland area with so many little lakes they’ve just named them by letters of the alphabet: A Pool, B Pool, etc. Covered with glorious hiking trails and one driving trail of 7 miles….which was too narrow & twisty for “tour buses”, and one bridge had a weight limit of 10 tons. No go with the Taxi.

Robyn did one of the mile trails on foot.

Still, as you can see, terrific views from the various parking lots and grassy areas around the visitor center and administration building. Not a bad place to work, if you’ve just gotta work!

Ha, we’ve seen just about enough of the interior; tomorrow it’s back to the coast!

3 thoughts on “Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!

  1. Sorry I misled you on Au Train Falls. I wasn’t driving back then, and I never thought of that–didn’t even remember the approach, but just the falls. I think I may have a lot of pictures in my Fb albums.

    • Noooo, Madeline, you have no responsibility for our missing this treat! I read up a fair bit about it and understood the road to be ok.

      Ha, and we encountered the road limit later the same day here at Seney, a place Robyn was VERY seriously looking forward to visiting.

      Even other RV owners don’t realize the limits of this extreme coach!

      Oh well, there have been a dozen other fabulous places we’ve seen. We’ve caught the UP bug, and will be back for more!

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