At last, a breather

We stayed put today. Really liked our leafy cocoon campsite. Have you noticed under the Wanderings tab that our campground is located in a town named Christmas? Across the street from an Indian casino.

Actually rolled out of camp about 1pm, but stayed around Munising. The city is located at the south end of a horseshoe bay, and where the bay would normally open to Lake Superior, there’s a very large island.

This geography helped establish Munising as a major center in the 1800s. Iron ore from Marquette to the west arrived in boats, vast quantities of wood and limestone used in the smelting of iron were available from the surrounding hills and forests, and the resultant pigs of iron could be shipped out to the east. The large-but-sheltered harbor was significant.

Our pictures today are of the harbor, named South Bay, and of Munising Falls.

3 thoughts on “At last, a breather

  1. I’m glad you got to Munising Falls. I hope you can still find Au Train Falls there somwhere, as I just am guessing the boys might really like the tactile experience of walking out into the falls and feeling the water coming down over the rocks.

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