This place is worth the drive!

It’s your fault, you know, that we stayed in the second largest state park in Michigan last night. Just two days ago we couldn’t spell Tahquamenon, and now we’ve slept there! (Tah-KWAH-meh-non).

We’re no longer suffering from heat….awoke to 49 degrees today!

Really short-changed our visit by not seeing the lower falls near our campground, but it’s a fair hike from anywhere we could park the Taxi.

Far enough to the upper falls….the ones that are third-largest by volume east of the Mississippi. Cool forest on the walk to the falls.

On the way out, Ross and Ryan made a new friend. We liked him immediately; although he was quiet, he seemed real steady.

We drove through glorious expanses of nothing, roads laid out with a rifle yet with changes in elevation every mile or so. More patches of maples already showing Fall colors. The few towns were neat, populated with signs for local businesses that were not chains. We resisted the souvenir and Indian relic shops.

Made it to Grand Marais (the s is not pronounced) on the shore of Lake Superior. The beach here is wide with sand and dunes, but at the water’s edge there is a band of smooth rocks.

Ahhhh, the rocks.

Ross and Ryan are both VERY MUCH taken with small blocks. Ross always has more in each hand than you can believe possible to hold. Ryan is more selective and has just a couple. So these small round rocks were like an unlocked pharmacy to a dope fiend!

We walked them along the shore for a ways, then sat them down in the midst and proceeded to help them pile up more than they could possibly imagine. We think Ross won the contest. Ryan managed to sneak a small one into the Taxi.

A very good time was had by all….and the sundown was a smoker!

7 thoughts on “This place is worth the drive!

  1. I’m so glad I did write the suggestion, and that you took the time–and that you’re glad! Now on to Munising? If you go there, the Pictured Rocks area is nice, but also find Au Train Falls–a very wide series of short falls, so that you can actually walk out along the flat rocks in the midst of the falls or walk right into the falls themselves. I did it in a photo workshop group, with our tripods, getting pictures of all angles, so we wore rubber boots, but you could probably do it barefoot and let the boys enjoy the tactile sensations, put their hands into a waterfall, etc.

  2. Love the photo with the lap full of rocks. I LOVE ROCKS! Way to go! I would have taken a lot more into the TAXI!!
    Love sunset photos too. Beautiful!

  3. Wonderful to see the great time you all are having. We’ve been to that falls several times and have enjoyed exploring the Yooper land. Just remember you are a troll like the rest of us and live under the bridge! Happy trails.

    • We speak quite casually about their “limitations”, when sometimes we mean their physical and mental issues, but other times we mean how their issues limit exploration (how hard it is to walk with them because they walk slowly and carefully….and are easily distracted by changes in surface, etc. Steps are e-x-c-r-u-c-i-a-t-i-n-g-l-y slow!).

      I don’t see these things changing. What we’ve seen change since April when we started living in the Taxi, is that the boys are routinely more cooperative and and comfortable than when we lived in a house.

      Everything needs to happen within a short distance of the Taxi, but it moves from day to day, and throughout the day, which provides exposure to variety for them and for us. A little variety goes a long way with the twins, and they can always return to the Taxi to rest or just be quiet.

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