You twisted my arm!

Okay, okay, we give up.

We’re still Yoopers.

Madeline’s list of places not to miss, and Katie’s continuing love song for the UP….roused our curiosity sufficiently, and we changed course.

First thing we did was buy more fuel, because it looks like we’re going to add 450 miles around the UP!

Second thing we did was buy a bunch of Yooper food: pasties. Got some fresh and hot, and some fresh and not yet cooked so we can have them hot tomorrow (and the next day…they’re real good!).

Drove through the great little port town of St Ignace, admired its curbside flowers and lighthouse, then took off cross-country to Tahquamenon Falls.

Along the way we encountered our first patches of trees beginning to change into their Fall colors. We spotted our first stretch of Lake Superior, but the access to shoot was challenging and the sky was dull (for only that moment in time!). We’ll do it justice tomorrow.

We’re in the state park near the lower falls. They’re cool, and we’ll get some nice shots tomorrow. The upper falls are bigger and down the road a few miles. Hold onto your hats, they’re the third largest falls by volume east of the Mississippi!

It’s great to have good friends to help you get the most out of life! We’re sure getting our money’s worth on this run!

4 thoughts on “You twisted my arm!

  1. I’m so glad you decided to take the extra time. I guess you know by now that it’s well worth it. I could recommend Whitefish Point, too, and its lighthouse, but probably the more open spaces are better with the boys. If you’re a birder, though, you’d want to go there, especially now that fall migration is beginning, as everything goes by that point, and they station official watchers there to count the number of each species they spot going by.

  2. YAY!!! More great photos of the UP. I love the falls. We took the boys to the falls two summers ago and we were blown away. I know Todd and his wife went last year. Its just lovely. I’ve never been to Pictured Rocks but would really love to go. Maybe next summer. So glad you are enjoying the beauty. YOu were really close to my parents who are still in Hessel. Have a great time. Cannot wait to see more photos!!!

  3. Oh Madeline is right, Whitefish Pointe is a great place to stop. There’s a terrific place to walk on the the beach by Lake Superior right next to the Shipwreck Museum. Grant was fascinated by the ship wreck stuff. We spent a long time there and I was totally amazed by that big beach and just the vastness of Lake Superior. Don’t have any good food suggestions though. I love the Rayber Bar but you are not close to it.

    Aaron Durden is from MI and loves pasties too!!!

    Have fun.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about your trip. Love the pictures and the interesting comments about your trip. Good to see Ross and Ryan walking! Glad you are having fun!

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