Blue, blue, my world is blue

We’re singing the blues, alright! Blue sky, blue water, blue railings, blue shiplift….

Check out that tall ship! We’re trying to learn something about it; will report what we find.

Ross and Ryan really enjoyed the walkway along the breakwater. Talk about the blind leading the blind….

Staying for the night at Hoeft State Park, one of the first 14 state parks established in Michigan. Even though our site is sandy, it is almost like a parking lot to drive across. Completely surrounded by very tall trees. Ha, only needed AC for about an hour, then the soft breeze and falling temps brought comfort from open windows! NOW we’re camping.

Well, sort of. This camper still has a granite floor, leather sofas, all the electric lights you could dream of, and a huge refrigerator. Still, we smell pine forest and campfires as we go to sleep.

Pouring rain in the night. Grateful for the Taxi’s tight roof.

Maybe The Bridge tomorrow!

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