Look, up in the sky….

Wow, the sky was the star of the show again today! Lake Huron was a close second.

We left our campsite at 1pm today, having slept in from yesterday’s traveling exertions, so we were a little late getting around to lunch. After one stop for exercise and photos, decided to stop by a nice state park just 18 miles up the road.

Hey, they have a campground. Hey, they have an open site facing the beach. Hey, let’s stay!

Plugged in at 3pm. Started laundry. Went for a walk on the beach (whoa, water’s cold!). Took pictures. Made some new friends.

We’ll get going tomorrow.


In the meantime, pictures:

2 thoughts on “Look, up in the sky….

  1. Thank you for the pictures!!! I may have returned to Ohio but I left my heart in Lake Huron. When we were there, the water temp was great high 70s and low 80s if you can believe it. We were able to swim every day. That’s a first out of the 9 trips I have made.

  2. Robyn – we met you at Tawas State Park. We were part of the “Happy Campers” with the colorful fire that you took the opportunity to view. Blessings on your journeys…….to you and your family. Kim, Jim & Selah (golden mix)

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