Oh yeah, I can top that!

Just when we thought we’d hit the bell with a room at Hampton Inn and its bathtub brimming with nice, warm water for Ross and Ryan…..we’re given a day with the skies you see below!

We were so pumped today by the glorious weather, the scenery of Michigan in all its finery….being shown to best advantage by the bright sun, blue sky, and tons of scattered white clouds….well, we drove 238 miles across the landscape from below Battle Creek to waay the other side of Saginaw.

We’re camped on the dunes alongside Lake Huron!

Check out Tawas Point Lighthouse, just yards from our coach!

The twins seemed to catch the fever, perhaps because we kept stopping to walk with them under those magnificent clouds and breathe the lakeshore breezes.

Robyn and I both have rich memories from our childhoods growing up in southern Michigan with sand between our toes. The endless lakeshore was always a part of life, but it’s something we’ve missed while living so far inland for so long.

The last picture below was the scene directly behind our campsite tonight as night fell. As I write this, we have more stars overhead than either of us has seen in the sky since….well, childhood.

3 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I can top that!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures and commentary are next best to being there! The night sky with no competition from man-made light is a humbling and inspiring sight, a reminder of just “how great Thou art”! Enjoy your backroads, the sand underfoot, and the beauty in the uniqueness of the familiar!

  2. How wonderful!!!! Lake Huron is just so amazing. I just love the pictures. Have fun and we will all see you in a few weeks.

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