On the road again

We landed in Dayton for the mandatory monthly “eyes-on” meeting with Robyn’s nursing supervisor….which occurred in the coach while it was being washed at Yankee Auto Bath!

Drove the coach a block away to an unused parking lot, and Doug spent the next hour putting a coat of wax on the whole thing. Wowser, this new liquid stuff is not wax, it’s a sealer/shine/coating. Nearly zero effort, and no dusty residue. We’ll see.

Spent the evening with Jared, parked out behind The Greene. Robyn and Ann strolled the streets. We ate frozen yogurt and fresh red raspberries. Ahhhh, life is good!

Tried to spend the night at The Greene, but security thought otherwise. Moved to Wal*Mart on Wilmington at 11:30pm. (Today, arranged with chief of security for The Greene to give notice of our arrival in the future, and he’ll get word to staff to let us park there overnight; told you life is good!)

Haircut for Doug today, shopped groceries, and restocked meds. Took off.

26 hours in town.

On the road to Kokomo, on the way to St Ignace, MI.

You know, the town at the other end of the Mackinac Bridge. Yesssss, we’re heading up to the tip of lower Michigan, and crossing over.

Have decided to break our routine and blast up there in 3 days, spend 10 days up there, then spend 10 days getting back by way of the western coast of Michigan.

Today’s drive to Kokomo covered territory we know by heart, and yet it always changes. America the Bountiful is in full song this time of year. The red barns will soon be busting at the seams. And what camera can resist a yellow flower glowing in the fading sun’s golden rays?

Yes Willie, it’s good to be back on the road again.

2 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. AHHH very nice pictures. I really enjoy looking at them. SOOO jealous you are headed up to the UP. I so did not want to leave. My parents place in the UP is not very far from St. Ignace. They are in Hessel(where they have the Wooden Boat Show Festival and part of Les Cheneaux which is about 30 or 40 miles from St. Ignace) The boys and I spent some time in St. Ignace this summer. They had fireworks every Saturday night so we went to that and enjoyed a yummy Mooney’s icecream (Mackinaw Island Fugde). Then we went back and went to the Mystery Spot where they have new ziplines which were scary but fun. We ate at a nice place I think its called the Mackinaw Grill. I like St. Ignace. I think if you lived in the UP it would be a nice area but I would really like to check out Marquette.(I want to go to the Pictured Rocks too) So have fun and think of the Lenskis while you are there. We so love it, the natural beauty amazes me. Take lots of photos. Hope your weather is great!!!

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