Now THIS is camping!

We paid for a “full hookup” site tonight. That means all the electricity we can use, all the drinkable water water we can use, and a direct connection to the sewer line for our tanks. Look out, the twins get long, soaking baths, and we get loads of laundry done, all while the AC purrs along!

The coach is such a dream to set up: back in using the electric mirrors and rear camera, shut off the engine, hit the button for the automatic leveling jacks, when it’s done in a minute, hold the buttons for the two front sliders for 15 seconds, then go back and hold the buttons for the bedroom sliders. Less than two minutes gives us all our room and access to everything.

I spend more time plugging into the electric post, hooking up the water hose, and arranging the snake to support the sewer hose into its hole!

And then what do we have? A whole campground nearly to ourselves! It’s Sunday night and everyone with kids or a job has gone home.

Ahhh, this is camping!

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