Almost a year….

We are approaching the anniversary of our decision to sell everything and put all the proceeds (and our blood, sweat, and tears) into a motor home, and go on the road.

Today illustrated why it was such a great idea.

Look at those two in the first picture below. Ross can be a pistol when he gets out of sorts, and he’s been pushing that description for a day or so. Today, as annoyed as he was about almost everything, he was pretty cooperative about riding and about walking.

Look at the sky in both pictures. Robyn and I draw inspiration from the surroundings, in order to keep moving ahead. Today provided LOTS of inspiration! This Hoosier National Forest is a wonderful treasure. We’re camped beside Monroe Lake, Indiana’s largest lake, and its blue waters wander in and out of myriad coves….and shimmer to the horizon.

Especially now that many schools are in session, weekdays in camp grounds are almost eerily quiet. This evening things picked up a bit, and we made some new friends. John and Patty have significant medical issues in their family, but have been making progress towards real success in dealing with and living with the issues. We traded stories, and concluded that life is good.

Life is good, and we love it.

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