Stop! Thief! (he stole our hearts)

This cutie was sleeping above our picnic table! He awoke just long enough to yawn, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

I knew how he felt….long morning dumping our tanks….filling up with water….moving to another campsite….big lunch….warm sun and slight breeze….y e a h, s l e e p . . . .

Another lovely campground, O’Bannon Woods State Park. But for the trees we could see the “horseshoe bend” in the Ohio River west of Louisville. This is the farthest west we’ve gone in the Big Taxi. Will push that frontier in the coming months, because the area has loads of interesting history to go with its glorious topography.

Our campground’s mailing address is Corydon, Indiana. The town was the original capital city of the state, but after 11 years the growing population to the north required a shift to Indianapolis. Corydon was the site of the only Civil War battle fought on Indiana soil. It was, unfortunately, a decided victory for the 2,500-man Confederate cavalry against the 400 Union fighters who were simply “home guard” and not trained soldiers.

Still, not much to brag about when you win the battle but lose the war….

Around us, to explore in the days ahead: the second-largest town to be relocated in US history, the Spring Mill aqueduct, French Lick, and Starve Hollow.

If we can get any sleep with all the cicadas doing their utmost to be heard above the din of all the cicadas doing their utmost….

Certainly no noise from camper neighbors to keep us awake.

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