I regret I have but one life to lose…..

Today saw a continuous display of remarkable cloud formations. Nice day, nice sun, bright clouds in layers that often had surprising color to them. Huge billows growing as you watched, not threatening, often defined and solitary.

Numerous times I had the impulse to take a picture, but…..the narrow roadway…..the traffic….the dreadful heat…..nearby power poles or buildings interfering with the view…..it always seemed such a death-defying act.

Finally, near evening, I determined to get something to share with you. Following is the modest example of a fabulous show today. You shoulda been here!

5 thoughts on “I regret I have but one life to lose…..

  1. Maybe we sent ours on to you. Go to my Facebook photo albums, and in the Summer 2011 one you will see some pictures I took last night as our son Paul, his wife Sharon, and I drove from Jean Klock Park in Benton Harbor (had shown them the lovely remodeling of that) to Cafe Gulistan in Harbert, where we met Bob and enjoyed dinner. Along the way (around Stevensville) we stopped at an overlook and watched a storm coming in from Chicago with interesting clouds that had distinct layers of dark and light, and which at one end kept billowing up and getting closer, and also displayed lightning quite often. It was a dramatic sight. When it began to rain, we returned to the car and continued southward. In just a few minutes the wind and rain were so strong that when i tried going into the slow lane to let others go faster (this was Red Arrow Hwy), I almost got flooded, so returned to the fast lane. And a few minutes later the car in front of me stopped, I thought for a left turn, so I started to go around him on the right, and Paul said, “No, don’t go there.” At the same time he spoke, I saw why–a tree was down across both lanes, the heavier part in the slow lane. The driver ahead was waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so he could go around the upper part of the tree.

  2. Oh to have the time to just sit and watch the clouds. Brings back memories from childhood. 🙂 Looking for shapes and watching the clouds form.

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