There’s nothing like family!

You already have a clue how much I value family, what with these unusual living arrangements and all.

This weekend’s rendezvous to celebrate my uncle and aunt’s 60th wedding anniversary brought out all three of his sons and their families. It was “hey Cuz” this and “hey Cuz” that all weekend!

Bill, based in Redlands, CA, spends most of his time in Singapore for his US bank employer. Rich lives in Amsterdam. Howard is closest, in San Francisco. Talk about cosmopolitan!

They come by it naturally, what with the parents having lived at both ends of this great country (and now in the middle), and in India as well.

We had a great time. Check out how we were able to park the Taxi past the end of their driveway and beyond a line of trees which shield from view the workshop we parked beside. And what a workshop! Uncle Jim was an industrial arts teacher who practiced what he preached!

The present project, with Howard, is restoration of a 1956 boat they found buried in a foot of dirt and weeds. The few metal parts cannot be replaced by ordering from a catalog, so they are restoring and rebuilding them by hand. What a labor of love!

I failed miserably on one point. I planned all weekend to get a photo of Jim’s Ferrari after all the guests left and the sun came out on Sunday. Riiiight, the sun came out so fast and so hot it overheated our generator and the Taxi was without AC. We had to pack up and get on the road so it could be cool enough to operate.

No pic of the yellow Ferrari, whose title says Pontiac. No kit car. This labor of love has authentic sheet metal lines, exhaust, wheels, tail lights and lettering from Ferrari, but the chassis and interior are Fiero! It looks so authentic he was able to bring it to a Ferrari dealer and schedule work to be done….they only figured out the scam when they lifted the hood!

Well, we got the important stuff done: hugs and handshakes, and we did justice to a fabulous meal of Indian food as the anniversary celebration.

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