Round, round, get around

I get around.

To Collegedale, where we scraped our way up the driveway to my uncle’s house; whew, tight fit, but lovely spot past his house nestled in the trees around his shop. We’ll park there sometime this weekend. Cousins Richard and Howard assisted, so we’d have a better chance to miss the mailbox!

To Village Market on campus, where who should come out the door and see us parked there but dear friend Nina Elmendorf-Steele from Andrews University! Cousin Bill Ashlock was there, too. Had missed him at the house a bit earlier.

My mother and her brothers were raised by missionary parents in India, and my uncle Jim and his bride of 60 years were missionaries there as adults. So Indian food is ALWAYS part of their celebrations, and this one will occur at an Indian restaurant that will be closed for our private party. Look out, we won’t be fit to live with for days!

Tomorrow we go to “Tennessee’s largest shopping destination”, Hamilton Place Mall, where Robyn will have an eye exam and get her broken glasses replaced. Every restaurant chain known to man is there, and several new discoveries, so we’ll get warmed up for the anniversary feed that follows on Sabbath.

And Robyn will be able to see what she’s eating!

2 thoughts on “Round, round, get around

  1. How does Tom Ashlock fit into the family tree? We knew him and your mom in Silver Springs, and of course you and your brother–that’s a few years ago. We leave in the morning for Seattle and a cruise along the inland waterway to Alaskan ports to celebrate our 60th. Hoping for some relief from heat!

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