The KY state

We just spent portions of two days in Kentucky, this time the more western part. The hills are more rolling than in the east.

Found mile after mile of tobacco fields, and gravel pits but not coal. We were so remote last night at Barren River Lake State Resort Park that our tiny phone signal wouldn’t feed into the Google Latitude mapping tool on this blog; showed us still in Columbus from early afternoon.

The bridge below is just for a private driveway to a very nice home.

Still hotter than blazes all day, like much of the country. Ever so grateful for our 3 roof ACs and the engine’s system for the driver! Parked tonight in front of a Home Depot with our generator plugging away to make the electricity for the roof machines (everything else can run off the batteries, and the generator can recharge them in 90 minutes).

So hot we have to open the coach nose panel and extend the generator out a couple feet so it can be surrounded by open air. Outside temps should drop enough by midnight that we can kill the AC and generator, and open windows the rest of the night.

Almost looking forward to cold weather: our heating system is a diesel burner that makes very little noise, burns very little fuel, and uses very little electricity to circulate hot air through the coach and the basement storage, and past the holding tanks for fresh, grey, and black water.

Ahhh, there, I got over that particular longing!

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