We’re baaaack

Never actually went anywhere.

Which was the problem.

Mind-numbing boredom last week. Spent all week getting work done on the coach. Well, not exactly. Spent two days getting work done, and three days waiting for parts to arrive or waiting for work to be done again and done right this time.

Too blooming hot to get out and walk the twins, and we couldn’t get to a Lowe’s or Home Depot to walk inside like we usually do in hot, cold, or wet weather.

Not really complaining, because the work cost less than expected, and it was routine (except the part where we took out a 22 inch tv from the bedroom and put a 42 incher in its place). Hoo boy!

Headed out yesterday noon from Kokomo toward Chattanooga. Will probably take until Thursday.

Spent last night in Columbus, IN. Toured around town a little this morning on the way out. The city is ranked 11th in the US for safest cities per population; National Geographic Traveler named it 11th on its list of historic destinations; Cummins, the maker of the engine in the Big Taxi, has its headquarters there. It’s cofounder felt so strongly about architecture that his company paid the design fees for schools, fire stations, public housing, and other community structures so long as the client chose an architect from a list developed by Cummins. So many buildings in town were designed by world-famous architects that it has been called “Athens of the Prairie.”

We came away with only the pictures below of one interesting bridge.

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