Lessons in life

Just a little lesson today.

Tiny, in fact. Check out the little plant below. It is a volunteer growing out of the hole in a concrete bumper block where the anchor pin is driven into the parking lot!

Sorry to be so quiet this week. We’ve been nearly house-bound while we’ve gotten routine maintenance on the coach, and there’s just not much to say or show. But this sweet little plant was certainly an inspiration. Our bumper actually hangs over it. It’s sure making the most of what it has!

Our living arrangements have repeatedly caused us to rethink what we have, what we need, how things need to be done, why we follow this pattern or that…..

We have so much. We see others with so little who do such great things.

We constantly run across parents who tell us of their special needs children. Most are unable to provide exactly what their children need, and most are unable to spend constant time caring for their children. Our arrangements are so close to perfect, for Ross and Ryan, and for Robyn and me.

5 thoughts on “Lessons in life

  1. Last Sabbath we attended Lee Charbonneau’s memorial service; this Sabbath Charles Tasopulos, a member of church diagnosed with melanoma just a short while ago. At times such as these the little plant growing in the cement bar has a very special message of hope and a reminder to appreciate and count our blessings. Your “The Big Taxi” reports are truly a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Trudy,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    We dove in at the deep end when making these arrangements to live in a coach full time with our twins, partly because we kept seeing examples of people who waited too long to do what they really wanted or needed to do.

    I used to be a card-carrying member of the Perfect Plan Club, but my advancing years have helped me become more willing to accept what can be done NOW. And as you’ve read here, I’m finding more and more that doing what can be done now often turns out to be more perfect and fabulous than I could have ever planned! So many times He-Who-is-The-Only-Perfect-Planner has made all the arrangements for me, and I just needed to take the first step forward.

    God is so good!

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