Back in the heartland

We traveled a broad, smooth road across the Ohio and Indiana border, passing the two scenes below within minutes of each other.

It was a good day: Sabbath, hazy but clear, hotter than a pistol but we stayed inside, and through familiar territory. Robyn and I both grew up with these views and have shared them for over 17 years together. No drama like Kentucky mountains, just solid, smooth, and straight.

And yet again our plan for the day was changed without a moment’s notice, and without input on our part, for an ending that was beyond our expectations. We’re sitting here with full hookups in the customer parking lot of a factory that makes motorhomes, but not ours!

We were driving slowly past some of the buildings….rubbernecking….because they were only a block off our route, and a man flagged us down. He thought we were lost and looking for the customer lot! Turned out he’s the head of the company’s club for RV owners. When we told him we were just driving through town, he insisted we stay. The factory has a service center, and they have just expanded to perform work on other brands of coaches whose makers no longer operate (that’s true of ours).

So we spend the night in Nappanee, deep in the heart of Amish country. Buggies keep going past our window. Just as we finished plugging in, a huge rain storm blasted us and the passing buggies. After it finished, the light was too dim to take pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Back in the heartland

    • Ooooo, I didn’t know that. Well, photo doesn’t do it justice anyway: the silky, smooth gait of the horse, the barely audible sound of the carriage wheels, the stark black of the carriage against the rich colors of the pastureland.

  1. Love the picture of the bales of hay — they are so perfect they look almost fake! How neat to see a wind farm. I hear they are making one up near the thumb area of Michigan.

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