Love those laps at Lowe’s

I said brief relief? Rain Wednesday evening dropped temps 15 degrees. Riiiiight… was Mother Nature saving her energy for Thursday: 97 degrees, highest temp in Dayton for the past 12 years!

Ross and Ryan need their daily exercise, and when it’s rainy or too hot or cold, we take them to the nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s to push shopping carts up and down the large aisles. We steer.

Thursday, we had the company of Michelle, the twins’ peer tutor from last school year. You know her from the prom photos we previously posted. Michelle wanted to say Hi while the boys were in town, and we arranged to meet her at Lowe’s.

Ross and Ryan had a blast! Thanks, Michelle!

1 thought on “Love those laps at Lowe’s

  1. Thank you again for meeting us. I think that is the most fun Michelle has ever had in a home improvement store! We look forward to doing it again sometime! Wishing you safe travels and cooler paths!

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