Depends on where you look

We’re parked at a truck stop, so the photo below is understandable….almost expected….right?

Stopped to fill up on fuel just as a big storm blew in. Rather than move out in blinding rain, we decided to hesitate in the very large, very empty parking. Pulled to the edge facing a field, away from the building and rest of the lot. So empty we spread our sliders and made it into Home.

Rain cooled the temps by 20 degrees. That was welcome, because even while moving down the road we had been having trouble keeping the generator and ACs cool enough to function! They’re just not made to work their best in 95 degees and extreme humidity.

Going from Coach-on-the-Road to All-sliders-out-we’re-Home only takes about 5 minutes. Makes all the difference in the world. Not only does it add over 4 1/2 feet of width up front, it gives a straight aisle from front to back, and it allows the HVAC systems to breathe properly and work effectively.

And we can get up and walk around!

With lots of windows, it’s nice to park where the scenery is pleasant. Of course, with lots of windows, at night there’s the issue of privacy when we have all the lights turned on (but we have two levels of shades for every window).

Interestingly, we have only one little window that opens toward the back, so we are generally unaware of what’s going on behind us.

Which brings me back to the photo below. I specifically shot it through the front window after the rain stopped. Wanted to emphasize that even if we can’t get out, or don’t want to, we are often surrounded by things of beauty. Maybe not on all sides.

Depends on where you look.

Look who joined us for breakfast!

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