Just another pretty place

Tough putting up with all the greenery and hills. Pretty much left the hills today as we crossed north into Ohio. Passed across the Big Muddy (just the Ohio River) at Portsmouth.

This is the town that decided to have fun with its big concrete wall that keeps the river’s waters at bay during flood stage….they painted old-time scenes on it, which were taken from authentic, historical photos and paintings of the town and its citizens. Below, check out the photo of the large red brick building: the scene behind the van, with what looks like bridge arches, is actually the wall and its murals.

Continuing our run of staying at State Parks: Rocky Fork, outside of Hillsboro. Sheesh, Ohio takes the cake for cost: $33 for full hookups tonight. We just need to get our Golden Buckeye card to knock that down to something reasonable. We think the twins qualify for the card.

Still, pretty glorious to have a waterfront campsite! Notice Robyn already checking out the lake’s shoreline trees for Bald Eagles.

By the way, a sad note about Dayton’s nesting pair of Bald Eagles. They successfully hatched and fledged two chicks this year….their first! The sad news is that one of the chicks was found injured on the ground near the nest, but also very near one of the utility poles he or she favored for roosting….with its high tension electric wires. No serious clue about what caused its injuries, but the most noteworthy was a broken knee. After near two weeks of vigorous efforts to save it, including surgery near Akron, the bird was put to sleep a couple days ago.

3 thoughts on “Just another pretty place

      • My great-grandmother and her family were from Portsmouth. Its where my grandparents met actually—she was big city girl and he was from a holler in Kentucky. We visited Mammy in Portsmouth many times.

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