It’s not our plan, it’s His

You’ve heard me talk about…and poke fun at…the plan we operate by.

The Prime Directive for us is to move only a short distance and take our time doing it. Under the What’s next tab we list a few dates and destinations, and these give us some very general guidance for planning a route. A further part of our Prime Directive is to use the smallest roads that will suit our rig, and to explore the environment through which we pass.

You know how dire circumstances have rewritten our route (when the generator belt broke and kept us from using AC during a period of breathtaking heat and humidity, which caused us to be introduced to a new friend, who introduced us to a new shop to do work on our coach, which has become a great source of good work and comfort to us).

You know from this week how readily we change our plan over something as trivial as rain in the morning.

Today, we planned to drive only about 60 miles, because it was Sabbath and we wanted to catch a park along the route to spend the day. We figured to make Ashland and its Wally Park (you do know that’s RVer talk for Wal*Mart, right?).

We found Yatesville Lake State Park just 4 miles off our route, and headed there. Arrived to find it really had only a marina and a campground, no day park area. On a whim, we asked if the campground had any suitable spots available for the night. No, we’re full, they said.

But just then the camp host arrived on his golf cart. He came over to admire the Taxi, and as we talked he saw Robyn and the boys get out for a walk. He was nearly overcome with emotion. Turns out he’s a man of God, a casual preacher whose father was a Baptist minister for 54 years. He was deeply affected by Ross and Ryan, and by how we’re living with them. We didn’t know it, but the day’s plan had just changed.

He said to climb in his golf cart and let’s see about some spots. Turned out there were two vacant spaces that could fit our coach. Found the one was reserved for tonight. Found the other had been occupied, and was scheduled for that family through tonight, but they had left early. We could have the space, and it would be free because they had already paid for it!

It was the best space in the campground!

It’s been a lovely Sabbath. We truly have stopped to smell the roses (or whatever these flowers are); only made 45 miles today.

By the way, the best I could do to capture Kentucky coal country for you was the slogan in the pickup’s back window, sorry.

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