Oh my, the goodness!

Things improved today.

Oh? you say, thought they were superlative yesterday.


But you take away the morning rain, drop the temperature a bit and the humidity a bunch, and keep the sun shining nicely, and voila! Everything is just that much better.

We rented the golf cart again (“the Little Taxi”), because it’s so perfect for our needs, and it gives a nice breeze as you roll along. We visited the same places today. Took some of the same photos. But it was all different….earlier light and changed shadows, clearer vistas, more patience because we weren’t suffering from heat and humidity, shafts of light punching through the canopy way up there to highlight some point of interest.

Ross and Ryan can be so hard to read, because they don’t talk and don’t really react to circumstances. But even they seemed to enjoy today more than yesterday. Check out the photo of Ross walking down the rocky path holding onto the railing: he would ordinarily have little patience to navigate that by himself, but he was quite intent about following it today.

Decided to extend our stay another day.

4 thoughts on “Oh my, the goodness!

  1. I admit that I questioned your decision to do the motorhome bit full time. I am convinced. Your judgement is reaping dividends I could never have imagined. God bless and keep enjoying! We are surely benefiting from your “travelogues”, both the writing and the photography. Keep posting . . .

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