Oh baby, NOW we’re having fun!

It wasn’t just us who were challenged by the up-down-and-around-roads to get here….they sell t-shirts here at the park that say “I survived the road…to Breaks Interstate Park.”

The effort was sure worth it!

Today we rented a golf cart so we could really cover some ground (felt like Tiny Elvis on a monitor: “Man, this thing is HUGE”). Still worked up a sweat.

The high humidity also interferes with crystal clarity in the photos of distant vistas. What a place! No path is straight, and around every turn is a grand new scene. Lush. Interesting mix of hard woods and soft woods; plenty of shrubbery, ground cover, moss, and lichens. Although the craggy rocks poke out everywhere, they’re covered or spotted with something growing over them or out of them.

Wonderful park staff! We’re having a great time, and enjoying the peace. Plenty of people in the park, but it’s so big and spread out, we often feel like we have it all to ourselves.

More of it tomorrow, if we can handle the pressure!

2 thoughts on “Oh baby, NOW we’re having fun!

  1. Driver,
    I’m really glad I had the pleasure of meeting you and listening to your story. We are so happy to have you and your family at our park. Stay as long as you can and come back as often as you can. Be safe

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